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dis/re/member, Kiosk Gallery, July 2021

At once an immersive experience, a gruesome dismemberment of a single object, and a collection of discrete pieces, dis/re/member sanctifies a once beloved object and ensures its preservation amidst its death. dis/re/member explores the intimate desire to preserve and encase our memories in physical objects, inventing talismans against aging and forgetting. We collect specimens from our own life, creating museums around and of ourselves. dis/re/member reacts against this urge, both reversing and encouraging the process of preserving an ordinary object. 

Against a backdrop of over a year spent at home, on the couch, in bed, dis/re/member became a bid to forget. Another form of preservation – self-preservation – directs my mind to allow the past year to fall away in pieces. In this case, memory does not serve. I am exploring this urge to forget, and dis/re/member is a reminder (hah) to keep close and catalogue the experiences of this time.

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